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Our General Counsel Puts Help Close At Hand

Katherine Daniels, LLC, offers legal services to clients in White Plains, and throughout Westchester County and New York State. Our focus is on intellectual property law, media law, and privacy law. We can be retained as general counsel or for specific litigation services in court.

During your initial consultation, we discuss your needs and what your legal problems are all about. This is to determine if our services are the right fit for you. If so, a special team is put together with the particular experience you need. In this way, we build the network that ultimately delivers the full-service platform we're proud to offer.

General Counsel Services

We love being able to help you solve your problems. In addition, new and interesting projects fascinate us. Bring us new business start-ups or existing business difficulties and we'll clarify and focus your legal goals. Clients provide an endless cornucopia of new challenges and drive us to continue being innovative, straightforward, and diligent. We strive to your problem-solver, not a problem-generator.

Whether you need an incorporation lawyer or counsel to determine what laws and regulations you must adhere to, we work to establish a long-term relationship with you and your company. Employment issues can also be resolved. Get help navigating issues as they arise. Either we handle them ourselves or refer you to a trusted colleague who has the experience you need.

Couple Consulting